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Certified Professional Photographer Designation (CPP) with Professional Photographers of America (PPA)

We at MDPPA want to support you in your journey to earn your CPP with PPA! Keep an eye on this page for further information about how we can help you in this process.

Some Thoughts on the Re-Certification Process
Anne Kelley Looney, Cr.Photog.,CPP, AF-MDPPA

Have you earned your Certified Professional Photographer designation through PPA? Congratulations on your hard-earned accomplishment!  Just as important is keeping this valuable designation active. Every three years we need to renew our CPPs through PPA’s recertification process, completed by earning 15 CEUs through taking continuing education classes in photography. PPA makes this a very easy process by offering a self-reporting form on the PPA certification page in your logged-in member area. Plus, you do not need to wait till the last minute to recertify!

Did you know that you can earn your needed points towards your recertification just by attending MDPPA’s programs? While your CEUs are not recorded for you by MDPPA, it is so easy to catalogue them yourself. Just log in to your MDPPA profile, and click on “My Event Registrations”.  All of the classes that you registered for will be listed there. To identify the length of class, just click on the class and it will take you to the class event page, where you can see the start and end time.

All classes apply, whether they are in your home state, international, online or in person, 1 hour or many days in length. For CEU purposes, a point value is assigned to class length and PPA has created a chart for ease of calculation. If you log in to your member profile on PPA’s website, look for “Renew my Certification” and you will find this resource as well as a link to complete the recertification form online. There, you simply list the continuing education you have attended, in the provided box arranged by class length. To make this moment super easy, I recommend keeping a running list of all of the classes you attend throughout the year.

One other very effective way to earn your needed CEUs is through attending PPA’s Imaging Convention each year.  I love that going to Imaging one year gives us 8 CEUs, and if we go to Imaging twice, we qualify for recertification. If we go three years in a row, the $100 recertification fee is waived.

Again, congratulations on earning your Certified Professional Photographer designation through PPA!  If you haven’t received your MDPPA-provided CPP medallion, be in touch with our President, Chris Marcinek.

Wishing you the best! Anne

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